Bio: A few of my favorite things: Huxley bear, bourbon, traveling, picnics with mimosas, reading, cold sheets and pillow cases, taking photos, pizza... I am a recent Cali transplant new to New York City currently residing in the Upper West side. * Apologies for any typos and grammatical errors. Especially since I never proofread.* But like everything else I'm sure you, like I, will learn to deal.. *I no longer am a 'recent' Cali transplant nor do I live in the UWS *I still don't proofread. You're welcome.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Alison Stevens

    I absolutely adore this. You definitely have the gift of blog (haha, just made that one up… good one, huh?). Can’t wait to read more about your NYC adventures! xxoo

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