Morocco bound

At this exact moment I am drinking a Brooklyn Lager with a pastrami sandwich in front of me and Stevie B on the sound system waiting for my flight to a faraway land called Morocco.


Almost ready to board!



Morocco has been on the top of my list to visit for a few years now. That along with Turkey and India. I originally booked a trip to Turkey but with all that was happening this year I decided i wouldn’t feel safe traveling there. With India being ridiculously hot this time of year, Morocco was the winner.

I’ve desperately been needing to get away. More specifically I’ve been needing to adventure and broaden perspective.

I bought a nifty backpack that can transform into a duffel. I packed modest and loose clothing and toiletries and proudly did so at a minimum. Years of travel have really taught me that overpacking is another undue burden I put upon myself that I have the power to alleviate. Small yet big wins.


I’m excited. I need this. I expect this to be an impetus for something already festering. Good things are a coming. I’m throwing it into the universe and the universe always has a way of realizing dreams when you do so.

See you soon New York. I promise to be back a better me.


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