Life updates

So life..

Life has been lifin’ and unfortunately I haven’t had much time to finish my Tanzania posts. I just wanted to give a quick life update.

I reached my 1 year anniversary with this beautiful city. It’s been a fucking ride. Time is escaping me and I don’t like it.

A few things have come full circle. Some things are still in the works. And other things need to be tended to.

I started a new job. It’s at an awesome tech start up. I feel  like I now have a little bit of home incorporated into my life. But I also feel mad anxious. There’s so much pressure to perform and produce that I might be giving myself an ulcer. Time will tell.

I also started my coaching certification. There’s so much to it I can’t even begin to start to explain in the little time I have to update you. (I’m going to meet up with some friends in a bit across town for drinks and a pretty view). It’s causing me some anxiety as well if I’m going to be honest. I’m looking for a few more clients so please get in touch with me if you are interested in coaching or want to understand more about it.

It’s hot as shit and humid as hell right now in New York. It’s disgusting.

Huxley got fat while I was in Africa. I put him on a diet. He’s still cute and lovable and is so happy to be around people. I got a new walker for him since I work long hours and get home now around 7 or 8. We’re both adjusting to our new schedule.

All around me there are things happening. Not all good things but I’m grateful for so much. Please continue to send your good vibes my way.This second year of New York living is gonna be a crazy one.



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