And just like that I’m back and #LOVEWINS!

Back and readjusting to life. Not well but definitely readjusting.

I’ve been back from Tanzania for a little over a week now. The adjustment and the transition of being back in ‘real life’ has proven to be difficult. The adjustment and transition of being back in New York has proven to be even more difficult.

New York is a beast of a city. It takes a certain mindset to live and succeed here. One has to want the hustle and the fast paced life. After living a Tanzanian ‘hakuna matata’ lifestyle I was in no way ready to be back in real life let alone back in NYC..

There’s a Tanzanian Swahili expression. ‘Pole pole’. (pronounced pole-ay pole-ay) It means ‘slowly slowly’. Everything in Africa is ‘pole pole’. The expression can be used whilst driving on the road and getting an ‘African massage’ because of all the potholes in the dirt roads or when waiting for a friend you had made plans with and has yet to show up an hour later. It can be used for anything really. Like, let’s say, life. Interestingly enough ‘pole’ can also mean sorry for your suffering or misfortune. It can be used when the restaurant only has warm beers, getting into a car accident or even when someone sneezes.

I’ve been reminding myself that while I’ve been back it’s ok it’s ‘pole pole’.

The travel time to get back was over 21 hours. I took 3 planes to get back to NYC. I did fairly well ‘cept for the last couple of hours. I had just about enough of sitting in planes. The last flight I was on was via KLM. The plane sucked. I wasn’t too impressed with the airlines overall. They have the vests under the seats in metal boxes so it takes up significant leg room. I felt bad for the poor guy next to me who was in the middle. What was great was that my flight prior to that from Zanizibar to Nairobi and Nairobi to Amsterdam was Kenya Airways which was a fantastic airline with amazing service. The flight wasn’t packed and I ended up having the whole row to myself. Winner winner chicken dinner! I was able to cozy up and I sprawled out along the 3 seats and slept and read comfortably and happily. Gyeah!

Since I’ve been home New York hasn’t been too good to me. (This bitch wasn’t ready to see me either apparently). The other day I woke up and my body was on fire. Somehow and someway I developed an allergic reaction and my whole body’s response was to break out in hives and emit heat like no other. The culprit? We will never know. I can’t figure it out and given that I quit my job and at the moment am not in possession of an insurance card that magically allows one to visit hospitals freely whilst paying minimal fees; I was unable to hit up urgent care. Baller on a budget y’all!

Oh, wait, we’re not done. The pretty rashes weren’t it. A few days later I lost my voice. It happened instantaneously. One sec I had my voice the next second it sounded like I was possessed. I’ve never fully lost my voice. I’ve had the slight voice loss where in your mind you think you sound raspy in a 900 phone operator sexy kind of way. But this was neither raspy, nor sexy. I sounded like a frog man. Not cute.

To add insult to injury; little Huxley bear (who, b-t-dubs, was just as elated as I was to be reunited when I returned!) was jumping up to lick my face the other day and instead of the safe zone of my cheek honed in and got my eyeball. Yup, my eyeball. It immediately started to get red and cray cray. Good thing I was meeting a new client shortly.

So has New York City welcomed me back with open loving arms? No, she certainly fucking hasn’t. But I WILL prevail! I got a lot of shit I need to get done. An ever growing list of ‘to-do’s’. One of those was to update you all of the amazing time I spent in the beautiful country of Tanzania. For now I just wanted to let you know I was back safely albeit with some forces hard at work to make things a bit shaky but alas, I am here.

In the coming days/week I will post proper updates with adjective filled stories, colorful anecdotes, and pretty pictures of the 19 marvelous days I spent in the motherland. Get excited for a beautiful tale of a girl in her early 30’s who currently resides in the crazy city of New York but originally from a wonderful Valley of Silicon who’s life was forever changed by the magnificent people of a town called Moshi in the heart of the Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania. (Doesn’t that sound like a great narrative for an awesome movie preview?! What would we call the movie? Hmm…tbc..)

***On a completely unrelated note my heart is so full from the Supreme Court ruling that same-sex marriage is a right for all 50 states across the nation. All people need to be treated as equals. All people should harbor the same rights. I am celebrating today for so many people that have fought this hard fight. My heart is so happy and so full and I can’t stop crying because of it. Today I am proud to be an American. Always remember that #LOVEWINS. Equality for ALL!


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