And here I go!

The super shuttle picks me up in 2 short hours. I’ve just finished packing and cleaning about to do my nails when I receive an alert via text of possible fraud. Awesome. Yup, some fuckface jerk has taken my credit card info and is going on a shopping extravaganza through midtown. They’ve hit up Saks Fifth, Nike Town, and Zara to name a few. What incredible luck that the day I leave when the only credit card I own is mandated to be cancelled due to fraud. Blaugh!

I’m woosa’ing as I type..

The great news is that today I leave for Tanzania! It feels surreal. I have zero expectations besides gaining new perspectives. I’m sure it’ll hit me onceΒ I’m on the plane. I’m a bit nervous but in a really exhilarating way. The same kinda nervous when you know something big is gonna happen to change you. It’s the same feeling I had when I ran and jumped off a cliff to hang glide. Crazy and exciting all the same.

My beautiful amazing friend Cy is watching Hux while I’m gone. I’m so grateful for him and Huxley loves him, so I trust him implicitly.

Once Huxley saw the suitcases he was on to me. Suitcases cause him great anxiety. He knows. Poor pup. I’m gonna miss this lil monster so much.



Thank you all that have wished me safe travels and an amazing experience. As always I am humbled by your support. I won’t have my laptop but I will try to update via mobile when I can.

Here’s to making the world just a tad bit better!



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