Fun time photos

I have a lot of things on my mind right now. So many big things have been happening in my life. All really good. I just completed the first of my 2 part coaching training. It’s been bittersweet but so fulfilling. I have a lot of emotions around it but feeling a lot of gratitude. I still need to process it all so I will get more into that at a later time. On top of that I quit my job and my trip to Africa is next week.

Big thangs.

More to come on what all that means shortly but for the interim here are some ‘fun time photos’. The weather has been nicer (although somewhat still erratic) so people are out and about and there are a lot of fun things planned.

Pictures below until I wrap my feelings around all that has been happening!

IMG_2336 IMG_2344

Dinner with Dahlia! Such a fun night consisting of lychee martinis, sushi and many a saki bomb.

IMG_2349 IMG_2351

Showing off my saran wrapped tattoo whilst drunk.

IMG_2758 IMG_2389 IMG_2367

Cinco De Mayo randomness. Unfortunately, I don’t know who is in possession of all the group photos. It was shenanigans. Not all good. And it ended up with meeting a random and hitting up a rooftop party. View from rooftop above.

IMG_2511IMG_2514IMG_2513  IMG_2512IMG_2497

Celebrated Ela’s birthday downtown.

IMG_2436 IMG_2441

Here we are on our way to visit Asia in Hoboken. Huxley is not a fan of long commutes consisting of 2 trains and a bus to Jersey.

IMG_2454 IMG_2456

Views of the city from Frank Sinatra’s hometown.

IMG_2459 IMG_2460 IMG_2476 IMG_2480IMG_2458     IMG_2484

Waiting for the bus for the long trek back into Manhattan.

IMG_2567 IMG_2569 IMG_2570

Random wine nights trying to find our new neighborhood favorite as we are only couple aves and blocks away from each other.


Happy hour and Japanese bbq with coworkers.

IMG_2620 IMG_2629  IMG_1991 IMG_2011 IMG_2055 IMG_2056IMG_2110 IMG_2408     IMG_2112 IMG_2137  IMG_2190IMG_2627IMG_2108 IMG_2111IMG_2319 IMG_2399  IMG_2627 IMG_2413

Spring is beautiful in New York. My allergies are off the chains and had to get new prescriptions but damn, the city really transforms during this time.

IMG_2635 IMG_2637

Asia graduated her masters program at Columbia and her fam was in town so we celebrated at a Polish restaurant in Greenpoint which is in Brooklyn. Pictures from dinner are floating elsewhere. Per the ushe.


I saw a shooting star the other night. It made me even more hopeful for my future. I’m a big believer in signs the Universe sends your way. Good omens are everywhere. It’s best to pay attention.


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