Life Coaching

There’s a huge misnomer on what Life Coaching really does. Contrary to popular belief it is completely different from therapy. But I don’t want to get into that. If you want to know more of the difference please reach out. I can talk about that for hours. What I do want to do is tell you where I’m currently at. In the figurative AND literal sense.

I’m currently being trained in co-active coaching through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). Co-active coaching holds the belief that the person being coached is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole; that the ‘coachee’ is fully capable of finding their own answers for any challenges that they face. Co-active coaching is that both the client and coach give 100% to each other. It’s a leveled playing field.

Some of the reasons why I chose this program are because CTI is the first program that has been accepted and accredit by the International Coaching Foundation (ICF). It’s the largest and oldest in-person school for coach training and it’s the only program that teaches co-active coaching. CTI has coached thousands and thousands of people over 20 years. These people have gone on to start their own business or have decided to be leaders in CTI. It’s fucking legit. Life Coaching is a real thing. It’s a career. It’s a legit business. Organizations even see the value this has and is bringing it into their businesses either by way of hiring consultants to coach their employees or ensuring their current employees go through training to establish a cultural mindset. Executives for Fortune 500 companies are also employing their own coaches to help them in leading their companies.

Again, you guys, this shit is fucking legit.

This program I’m in is a highly rigorous program. It consists of classes over the course of 5 months which I am finishing next week. Throughout the 5 months I have been coached, coached others, taken on actual clients, started a brand, and learned so much about who I am and what I stand for. This is all experiential learning. Which means we are physically doing and from that we are learning.

Besides a new career direction I’ve gotten so much personally out of this program. I’ve felt bouts of inspiration. I’ve felt empowered in different ways. I’ve learned to name things that get in the way of who I really am. I’ve broken down and was made to be completely vulnerable. I’ve cried in front of a room of 20-something people. Those same 20-something people have helped uplift me and made the space comfortable for me to be me. I’ve met wonderful people who are my tribe and my family. I can say with the utmost conviction that I am a better person because of this program.

I start the 2nd portion of the program, certification, when I return from Africa. During certification over the course of 6 months I will further deepen my coaching skills with even more rigorous training consisting of weekly calls with those in this group, working with my own life coach and coaching 5-7 clients to attain 200 hours of coaching.

Like I said this program is really freaking rigorous and at the end of it there is no doubt that I will have the capability and wherewithal to do what I came to realize here in New York is a huge passion of mine.

Some people call themselves a coach with zero training. It’s those people that give coaching a bad name and make it sound hokey. Those people are not equipped with the right tools and may just give you advice on what their own beliefs are. They may steer you in directions on what they feel you should do. They are holding their own agendas of “being right” as opposed to eliciting tools within you so that you can empower yourself.

That is wrong.

When I coach I do not coach from a place of my own opinions on what is happening in your life. I don’t need to be right. This is your life. Again, I coach from the co-active standpoint. We both give 100% to each other in this relationship. I will ask you deep powerful questions. I will listen to what you are or are not saying. I will help you take action on what you want for your life. I have no agenda besides to hold you in a safe space. I am not here to be right. I am frankly just here to help empower you with the tools to dictate your own life and show you that you have the means and creativity to do so.

For once in my life I know what I want to do. I’m really excited you guys. I want to share this with all of you. I wish you could all go through this journey with me. It’s so fucking dope and really ignites a fire in me. I have been blessed in many ways but finding this program has allowed me to truly live in my life’s purpose. I’m learning so much about myself and shedding things that don’t serve me. It’s such a liberating awesome feeling.

Thank you for uplifting me and being supportive in my journey. If you are at all curious and want to know more or want to learn better skills to empower yourself I encourage you to reach out. This is for everyone. This is real life shit. There is a reason why it’s called ‘Life Coaching’ after all. 😉


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