Spring Cleaning

Life has been really hectic these days. In a really good way. There are so many changes happening in my life but that seems to be the norm so I guess I need to stop saying that. hah!

I’ve been spring cleaning my life since all the drama that was March. I’m so happy that month is over. April’s theme seems to be centered around action so here I am making moves and pushing my life forward in the way I want it to.

I got a new do! Yup, I chopped off all my hair and am sporting the short hair don’t care attitude. I’m loving it! It feels fresh. To quote that assfuck that is Chris Brown who’s music I hate to love “Look at me now..Look at me now.. Fresher than a motherfucker..”

I’ve moved into my new apt in my new hood. I’m now living directly across town from my old apt on the Upper East Side. Specifically, Yorkville. Any more East and I would be in the East River. There have been some logistical challenges as I’ve settled in (ie. the heat floor to ceiling pipe starts clanking for minutes on end starting at 5AM, the fire alarm kept going off every time I cooked using the oven etc) but I’m loving having some space that is just for me and Huxley. Having anything mine in this massive city of 8 million is hard to come by and having space that reflects who I am where I can do whatever I want makes me feel extremely fulfilled and gives me peace of mind.

I’ve stopped seeing the psychiatrist that lived far enough away. Although I really liked him and we connected it stopped fulfilling an immediate need given time, distance etc. Dating someone in residency sucks. Dating someone in residency who lives over an hour and a half away sucks even more. Add that to the fact that I knew there was no future from the get go; I had to end it. I’ve been talking to dudes here and there but honestly I have so much on my mind and so many ‘to-do lists’ that have taken precedence that I keep flaking on them and focusing on other shit. I have a lot of priorities right now and although big romantic love is one; building a brand for myself is higher on the list.

That’s a good segue on where my head is at right now. I’ve decided to quit this job I dislike where I work for someone I cannot tolerate any longer. I realized that I didn’t give up my life in the Bay and say goodbye to all my loved ones to move across the country and start a new life with a job surrounded by people I frankly despise. I am and will continue to be heads-down-deep-dive into my career shift of coaching and am also looking into a leadership program to take on later this year. I got goals and am fucking ambitions. “look at me now, look at me now…”

I’ve also missed writing. It’s a passion of mine and I need to put aside more time to allow me such a creative cathartic outlet. Hence, this update. I know, funny how things work.

Latest update I will drop on you is that I leave for Africa in a little over a month to volunteer and expand my perspective on a macro level. I am bat shit excited. I attained my Tanzania entry Visa yesterday and in the coming weeks have appts to get immunizations and vaccinations. I’ve started writing ‘to do lists’ on what to pack and what else needs to get done before I leave. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for over a year now and only in the last 2 weeks has it felt like I’m really doing this and things are coming to fruition. I know it will be nothing short of a fantastic experience. I’ve been having such wonderful experiences in general but fuck is my soul craving travel. Travel is one of the things that makes me feel 100% alive. So is sex, but that’s a post for another time..

Below are some super random pics to satiate your retinas. Speaking of; it looks like I need my retinas to be lasered for preventative future blindness reasons. The perils of getting older never cease do they?? Ugh.

As always, thank you for those who support me either verbally or even send me mental well wishes as they read my updates. I am such a better person because of the impact you’ve had in my life. Thank you.



IMG_1412 IMG_1413
































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