The Snowpocalypse of Jan 2015

The governor declared it a state emergency last Monday given the predicted impending blizzard that was to come on Tuesday. We were expected to have mass amounts of snow. The whole city was preparing for the worst. The subways and buses were scheduled to shut down. There was a mandatory no transportation ban on the roads after 11PM Monday night.Unfortunately for most, that included seamless delivery bikes. People were lining up at all possible grocery stores ’round the block.  A snowday was called for students and all those who couldn’t ‘wfh’.



The Snowpocalyspe of January 2015 ended up failing to materialize. It was a little disappointing given this was the first time as a resident that I was going to witness something at such a huge magnitude. (sidenote: As a visitor I experienced the whole city shut down for Hurricane Irene in 2011) I do understand however the precaution city officials had to take to ensure everything was in place should such an event occur.


It was crazy to see that the snow fell and if you looked closely many of them were perfect little stars. It was pretty amazing for me as I had never seen that before. There really is something magical about snow.



I left work early on Monday due to the threats of shutting down the subways early. All I kept thinking was how much wine do I have to last me if I’m stuck at home for the next few days. It didn’t end up mattering how much wine I had at home since that night I ended up meeting my roomie at a bar down our street for a couple glasses of wine to catch up on her Mexico trip and the latest in my dating woes. It was a blast.









My first class of my new journey as a life coach was supposed to start on Tuesday. Unfortunately, it was canceled but fortunately, it resumed the next day. I will get into it more in another post but I will say that I feel empowered and blessed and have complete conviction that this new venture was designed by the ‘powers that be’ as part of my new life here in New York. This is exactly where I should be and I am anxious and excited and really truly lit up from within my core of the possibilities.

It’s been a long magical week of great magnitude in more ways than one. If this is what winter is like in New York it ain’t half bad. In fact it’s pretty fucking glorious.

This is the 3rd season I’ve experienced as a resident. Each one that goes by I fall even more in love with this beautiful city. She has a lot of layers and so much depth and it’s pretty damn invigorating.

More photos of the aftermath of ‘Juno’:














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