Letting love find you

Here’s the deal. Don’t most things worth something require time and energy and x amount of effort? Isn’t the saying ‘with great risk comes great reward’? Or ‘you get in what you put in’? Haven’t we been taught that with perseverance and fortitude we will fulfill all our hearts desire? If that is the case why do the rules change when it comes to romantic love?

People like to say not to go looking for love because it will find you.  I think that’s bullshit. I used to believe the all good things come to those who wait hoopla but the reality is if you sit on your ass and wait for things to happen life will pass you by.

See that bus that is packed with people homie? See it riding off into the sunset without you?Yeah, all those people are keeping things moving and making things happen and you sad grasshopper are sitting at the bus stop confused as hell that it didn’t stop to drop shit off to you. What you should’ve done dumb ass is hopped on that mother fucker and chased that sunset.

You have to be an active participant in your life. You have to create opportunity to happen for yourself otherwise who the hell will?

I decided what I want in my life is a partner. That shit took a lot of thought to get there. I am very happy being single. I am very happy not compromising my life and my daily needs. I consciously decided that I am ready now to share my self with someone. In deciding that you think now Mr Right is gonna walk up to the 4th floor of my building knock on my door and say “hey baby, i’ve been waiting for you to be ready and since now you are i’m here let’s get married and make beautiful children”. Hell no.

If I want to meet someone I have to adjust my life to be completely open in doing so. I have to be on the modern day dating tip. Get my photos right and start swiping away on Tinder or Hinge or whatever the fuck I need to so that I can garner some traction.

I think people are somewhat ignorant to say things will happen when you’re not looking. What I think is that when you are in right sound and mind and still make healthy happy authentic choices to better your life and work towards your goal with consistent effort those opportunities will indeed present themselves; in whichever way you need them to. Whether it be job-wise, finance-wise, love-wise, whatever.

You gotta work for what you want in anything you do.

– Want a new job? Better update your resume, apply for positions, interview and continue to network

– Want to go on that vacation but you don’t have any money? Better make a budget and start sacrificing things so that you can

– Want to move across the county? Better start researching how you can go about that and get all your ducks in a row to do so

– You want someone to love you? Better make sure you are in love with yourself first

All this shit takes work. So no, I’m not convinced that all you gotta do is sit on your ass and good things will happen and be patient and love will come. Bullcaca.

I am creating opportunities for a life that I consciously and thoughtfully decided I now want for myself. I will continue to work for what I want. I am passionate and I am engaged in life and I am mindfully healthy to do so.

Once I do meet someone that I think is worthy of my time and my heart and all things in between; I will continue to work to maintain that relationship I deem worthy.

Again, the work. It all requires work.

So please don’t tell me to be patient or it will come when it comes. Things come when you put in work and you’re ready for whatever it is you want to come.

I’m the only one who knows if I am ready. And I’m ready.

Watch me ride off into the sunset chasing butterflies while having fun doing so. I’ll make sure to wave at you if you’re sitting at the bus stop.


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