Highlights of 2014

As I get older I always feel like the times have a way of speeding past me and I’m left in the lurch with the dust circling around me as I wonder how the hell that shit happened so quickly.

This year I’m giving myself permission to be proud of how far I’ve come and all the cool things I’ve experienced.

Being a huge believer of lists, I, in true Leilani fashion, have outlined my past year in A Top Highlights of 2014 list thangy thang for you below. (These are not in any type of order just awesome highlights of the year):

  1. Tried skiing
  2. Traveled to Beijing and walked along The Great Wall of China
  3. Traveled to Thailand
  4. Went snorkeling – in the Andaman sea
  5. Took a Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai
  6. Rode an elephant for the 2nd time in my life
  7. Tried local Thai Whiskey
  8. Was blessed different times by different Buddhist Monks
  9. Had weekly hikes with an old boss turned friend and Huxley while unemployed and still in Cali
  10. Girls trip to Savannah, Georgia – another place I’ve never been before
  11. Took a trip to NYC in May and decided then I was going to move there shortly after
  12. Took in so many beautifully amazing California sunrises and sunsets while walking my pup
  13. Negotiated leaving a company I didn’t like and was able to get more than what I wanted in the process of doing so
  14. Signed up to volunteer for 2 weeks in Tanzania, Africa
  15. Started a fundraiser
  16. Started a blog
  17. Ended a friendship that was negative and didn’t serve me
  18. Sold almost all my possessions (less some clothes, accessories and shoes)  including the new car I had for less that 14 months
  19. Had my first ever going away dinner
  20. Bought flats and stopped wearing heels so I could navigate the city by walking everywhere
  21. Developed plantar fasciitis from walking so damn much wearing only flats
  22. Flew with Huxley for the first time
  23. Flew with him again
  24. Moved to New York City!
  25. Spent a weekend in Montauk (another first place visited) celebrating a friend’s bday with Huxley in tow
  26. Found an apt and a cool roommate within a few weeks of being in New York
  27. Went on runs through central park and around the reservoir
  28. Exchanged 4 different running shoes to find the perfect pair to give up running due to plantar fasciitis and shin splints
  29. Found a job within 2.5 months of being in New York
  30. Learned how to take NYC the subway
  31. Walked 3 miles with Huxley to participate in SummerStreet
  32. Gave in and bought a kindle
  33. Witnessed a transformation of one of my best friends through his recovery of drugs and alcohol
  34. Built amazing friendships with 2 beautiful women that were introduced to me by one other amazing beautiful woman
  35. Took Huxley to Central park to have picnics with me in the summer on the grassy area next to turtle pond
  36. Watched  my local sports teams play in NYC as an NYC resident – the SF Giants at Citifield and the SF 49ers at Met Life Stadium
  37. Took the bus from Port Authority to New Jersey by myself, twice
  38. Hit the 1 year anniversary of quitting smoking
  39. Witnessed the birth of my beautiful lovable newphew bear Jaxon Ryder
  40. Met 3 other beautiful lovable little babies by my own beautiful lovable friends
  41. Helped celebrate the unions of friends’ marriages
  42. Watched movies outside while drinking wine and eating good food with hundreds of others doing the same over summer nights in NYC
  43. Bought my first pair of snow boots
  44. Bought clothes actually geared for seasons
  45. Spent Thanksgiving with my new Long Island family who adopted me with zero hesitation
  46. Watched an Off-Broadway show that still makes me cringe inside
  47. Went on my first and probably not last food tour
  48. Saw the entire NYC skyline from a Jersey pier and realized at that moment for the first time I truly lived in NYC and fulfilled a dream of mine
  49. Eat more pizza in a 6 months than i probably ever have my whole lifetime
  50. Sat on a blanket in Central Park watching and listening to the NY Philharmonic drunk while a glow stick busted open into my left eye
  51. Went to a party of my grade school friend in Brooklyn
  52. Experienced snow for the first time as a resident of NYC
  53. Watched the prep work and blowing up of the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons a block away from my apt
  54. Watched the countdown and the mass amounts of people ready for the start of the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade a block away from my apt
  55. Started dating again
  56. Went on some really great dates
  57. Went on some not so great dates
  58. Baked a pecan pie for the 3rd time in my life
  59. Got to experience NYC for the first time again through the eyes of a friend who had never been to NYC before
  60. Realized that no matter how much money I do or don’t have it will never be enough for living in NYC
  61. Traveled to Arizona (another first) to celebrate a friend’s birthday
  62. Volunteer at a soup kitchen for the first time
  63. Went home to the Bay Area and realized it was no longer home to me
  64. Fell in love with NYC all over again for the 2nd time

Looking back I can’t believe all this happened this year. Some of this stuff seems like a lifetime ago.  Thank you to those that have been a huge part of my journey and thank you for those that have let me in to be a part of theirs. And for those of you that want to share in adventures in the new year, let’s go!

2014 is peacin’ out. Bye Felicia! I got more shit to do, I’m ready for 2015. Bring it!


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