Going going back back to Cali Cali….

Huxley and I are going home to Cali today for the holidays! It’s been another crazy busy month. There’s been some dating, lots of eating, and quite a bit of drinking. I’ve got stories to tell you people and lots of pictures to share.

But for now I’m finishing my last minute packing. I’m trying to stuff as much laundry as I can into my suitcase so I can do it at my moms. I’m trying to cut as many expenses as I can. This city is so damn expensive it’s ridiculous; it probably hasn’t helped that I’ve been home 3 times since I moved here 5.5 months ago. After this trip it’ll be a long stretch untilย next time I’ll be home.. Will probably be either sometime in the fall or maybe next holiday season. Only time will tell.

I’ve packed my calendar for this next week so tight that I’m sure by the end of it I’ll be so ready to come back home to New York City for a ‘breather’.

The biggest thing I’m excited about?? How Huxley is gonna flip his shit when he sees Grandma. The fact that they get to reunite will be well worth the $200 I’m spending on his roundtrip ticket to Cali. Besides, it’s way cheaper to bring him back to Cali then find him a dog sitter or pet hotel for a week and 2 days.

Get ready Yay Area, we’re a comin’ home for Christmas!!


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