My Tuesday

I want to explain to you a day in the life. I’ve said this before. Days in New York are long. People here hustle and they’re efficient in speed and accuracy. I love the pace. I’m getting quite used to it. If I am stagnant for too long I become restless and need to, at the very least, go on a walk. Although I can see this kind of life not being sustainable for too long, I am loving it right now.

This morning I woke up leisurely; very comfy and very cozy in my bed and I lingered. After a bit the guilt of being late to work and letting the pup outside to do his business got to be too much so I eventually got up. I threw on clothes and tromped down the many flights of stairs so that Huxley and I could do a quick walk around the block. I took my sweet time getting ready when we got back; catching up with the roomie as I did so.

I finally got my shit together and figured out what to where and hurriedly arrived at the subway stop. As my train gets there I realized that my optimistic hope in getting to work before 8:30 just wasn’t feasible. The train was just too crowded.

People here pack on that shit like sardines. I’ve been more intimate with strangers on the subway that I have with anyone in the last year or so. It’s such a strange thing to get used to.

So there I was stuck waiting for the next train. 10 minutes. Sigh. Train finally comes; I get on and it’s crowded per ushe. At least I was able to hop on this one.

3 stops and got off at my transfer and waited another 5 or so minutes. Thosee mere minutes while waiting for the train always feel like the longest. I was finally on my way and 2 stops later I was ushered off the E and up the (working! yay! that shit never works) escalator so that I could walk up an additional couple flights of stairs to the free flowing midtown east air and speedily walk 2 blocks to my building that is forever under construction.

I productively worked 4 hours then hopped on a train to union square on a break so that I could return something at Nordys Rack & Forever 21. Then I was back on the subway to work. All under an hour. Another productive 4 hours later then I was off to Hereld Square Macys to return more shit.

I did a closet raid last night to see what I needed to return before Thanksgiving. There is no way in hell I’m going in any department store from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Don’t even. I don’t play. That’s what Amazon is for.

I got on the M train the wrong direction. Ugh. Mother… I got off at the next stop to turn my ass right back around towards the right direction of Macys. Once I hit the streets after the subway I was feeling all sorts of anxiety. (As if I weren’t already feeling enough). So many people everywhere and even worse so many of them don’t know how to walk. The Christmas displays were out and so lovely but I couldn’t calm myself enough to slow down and be a spectator. Screw it. I decided I would come back to pay them the attention they deserve on a day where I was feeling all zen and mentally prepared for the crowds and Holiday chaos. Right.

Bam. I was then hit with the Macys insanity. Perfume people were trying to douse me in their shit and everyone is taking pictures of the decorations. I’m exasperated at this point and do a quick prayer to preserve my sanity. I return my crap at the respected levels in which said crap belongs because you can’t just do it all in one register. No. That would be too easy.

I complete the transactions, walk out, and immediately felt lighter although the anxiety didn’t truly escape me until I was far enough away from that midtown mess. I vowed to myself I would never go back to that Macys again. I’ve done that 3 times too many. I’d rather just keep the shit, never use it, and eat the money then go back and experience more of that type of hell.

It was at this point in my day that I try to jump on the express train to get home. But again for the 2nd time I was unable to because it was too damn crowded. The next train finally arrived and I moved to the side to let people off. (don’t ever be that asshole that tries to get on the subway when people haven’t gotten off yet. I hate those assholes). In doing so I apparently cut some dude off trying to get on. I didn’t give a fuck. I wasn’t able to get on the last one. I was determined. I got on and this mother fucker pushes me. And not in the way everyone pushes to get on but pushes me because he was irate. I turn to him and am like “dude. we’re all trying to get to the same place. relax”. I might have also gave him a death glare. He goes to say everyone is pushing blah blah. I was pissed. But then of course later I realized I wasn’t proud of my behavior. We’re all cattle being herded somewhere during rush hour. I didn’t need to react to his douchebaggery. I had to remind myself to breathe. Whooosaaa…

After all that drama I went to Trader Joes to get some grocery shopping in before Thanksgiving. Surprisingly it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be and the lines were shorter than when I’ve been in there prior. Color me happy. But alas, there were no more pecans. NO MORE PECANS?! Grrrrr… I’m making pecan pie for Thanksgiving and I need my fucking pecans people! Chopped or whole. I didn’t care at this point. After grabbing an unnecessary amount of snacks and the necessary amount of real food I wait at the bus stop to take me, my 2 very full bags of groceries, my big laptop bag and my tote bag 8 blocks up to 79th street. Of course, I had just missed the bus. I saw it drive by as I waited to cross the street. It’s like seeing your life flash before you. Not fun.

I chat it up with the man sitting next to me as we waited. We continue to chat it up on the crowded bus where I had to stand with all my shit. A sweet elderly man with a kind face asked me if I was Filipino and said his wife was from the Philippines. I told him Happy Holidays as he got off the bus.

Finally, finally! I see my building; walked up the stairs and into my apartment. I unloaded the groceries and all the other shit I was holding. I sat down and played with Hux for a few minutes, grabbed my package for the postoffice, updated my grocery list for things I still needed on my phone and was back out the door and down the stairs.

Thankfully the postoffice closes at 7PM. I dropped my pkg off with only a couple people in line then walked in the direction to the grocery store. Evidently, pecans are like gold here in New York because 2 freakin’ cups cost me 12 mother fucking dollars. I bought 2 packages. Along with other crap of course. I heard the sound of more money going down the drain and I schlepped more groceries back home.

I got home and put together something easy and fast to scarf down (asparagus, toasted sourdough bread with boursin and salami) and sat and enjoyed that with a glass of wine. Oh but wait, Huxley wouldn’t let me forget I still needed to let him out before the night was over. It’s at this point when I’m walking down the stairs I really take notice of the newest pain to add to the list, my knees. I start dreaming of an elevator building and continue that fantasy as I walked Huxley around the block.

So all this takes you to the present moment. I am now sitting in my living room in the corner chair by the window sipping more wine with my feet up and the lil shit monster laying next to me. This morning feels like a week ago. Such is life in New York City. I’m not kidding when I say days here are long. At home a long day consists of work then dinner with a friend and possibly target in between. It ain’t about that life here. God, I miss Target.

Let me recap and summarize my day for you:

  • 7 trains
  • 1 bus
  • 8 hrs of solid no bullshit wk productivity
  • 3 department stores
  • 2 grocery stores
  • 1 post office
  • 1 person to yell at
  • 8 times up/down the 3.5 flights of stairs
  • 2 glasses of wine

With all this being said I’m exhausted. I had a wonderful busy fun weekend which I will get into later, if there is a later..

For Thanksgiving I’m going to spend it with my lovely friends Kimia and Dahlia, a couple other friends of theirs and the rest of their immediate family. I am very excited. I love these girls tremendously and I can’t wait to meet their parents and give them pie and drink wine and have fun conversations. And of course eat a bunch of good food (pecan pie especially). I am looking forward to relaxing the rest of the weekend. Catching up on only a few hours of work. Painting a canvas for above my bed. Longs walks with Huxley in new areas of the city to explore and areas we already have. Cooking delicious meals. Having the apartment to myself.

I’m just excited to decompress and to have alone time.

Today was a long day. Every day tends to be a long day for the most part. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel alive in ways I haven’t before. It’s strange and new but oddly comforting. This is exactly what I need to be feeling right now. It adds in another level of appreciation. I’m starting to understand why people say you need to move a handful of times in your life for a myriad of different reasons. It truly brings on new revelations and types of awareness and understanding. I’m curious as to what else I will learn but for now I am spent.

Good night.


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