I’m drinking a lovely IPA. I haven’t had a good craft brew in a hot minute. I love this shit. I’m currently sitting at a craft beer bar in the East Village while waiting for one of my favorite people and I just had a moment.

I used to go do tastings with my ex all the time. Even before that I enjoyed good quality craft beer. I feel like a little part of me is back. No one I know here in New York loves craft beers. For the most part I’ve seen people drink shit pbr and bud lights. It’s so not my thing. Carbonated water just doesn’t do it for me. It makes me super gassy and I spend all my following minutes burping away while wishing to be drunk. But that’s all besides the point.

Back to my moment. I’m sitting here at the bar really enjoying my IPA. Like really really enjoying it. And they start bumping old school Janet Jackson and then! (Yes, it gets better!) Then they start playing ‘Man In the Mirror’ by Michael Jackson. This song right here speaks to my soul. It brings out any and all good feelings I had growing up and truly makes me happy.

So now I find myself reflecting on who I am and this so called ‘man in the mirror’. There are big changes in the works folks and I’m very excited. Like color me fucking happy excited. I’m looking at a career change that will enrich my life personally in ways that I hope will engulf me and satiate this need I’ve had for fulfillment for so long. Stay tuned. Clocks are turning and I’m so pumped! Cheers!


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