Succumbing to the inevitable

Eventually I had to start dating right? I decided to take a break in March to focus on myself after dating some dude for a couple months that, although I had fun with, he was in no way right for me.

Deciding to focus on myself felt freeing. It was a really fun period of my life. I wasn’t giving in to pressure, societal or familial, and I wasn’t feeling like I was spending so much time on the arduos task of screening potential future baby daddies online. I get enough of screening resumes at work  as a recruiter. Win-Win. It was wonderful.

A lot of traveling happened during the first few months of the ‘dating hiatus’ (Beijing, Thailand, Portland, Savannah, NYC) then I quit my job and decided to move. In the midst of all that and birthdays and weddings and what not who would have time to date? Let alone want to start something just for it to end since moving thousands of miles across country was on the horizon? Definitely not this girl.

Then I moved. And I put it off more. I need to wait until I feel settled… I need to get a place first…I need to find a job first…I need to get a dog walker first…I need to blah blah.. It looks like I’ve run out of excuses to start dating. Yep, I’m back on the dating market folks. Me in all my awesome glory!

Last night was my first New York date. I was prepared for the crazy that I keep hearing dating New York men entails. Good luck if he doesn’t make you split the check. We’ll see if these are just drinks or if you get lucky and there’s food involved. Hopefully he’s normal. I hope he’s not married or dating someone like I found out the guy I dated was. That’s not even half of the woes I’m hearing from the women in New York and all of these I’ve heard from multiple people.The ratio of girls to guys is something ridiculous like 8-1. Good for the guys not so good for the ladies.

Because I had zero expectations I was happily surprised and had a really great time. We met at a cute French bar/restaurant in Nolita (North of Little Italy) called Tartinery. It was trendy and super adorable with exposed brick and chalkboard walls with the menu and drinks listed in pretty font. The wine selection was superb and the conversation flowed nicely. I laughed a lot. We talked about travel, the Bay Area, soul music, how complacent people become when they don’t date and how easy it is to get there, among other interesting topics.There wasn’t a single awkward moment nor were there any red flags. And he was gentlemanly enough to insist on paying for the tab, walk me to the subway after and ask me to text him when I got home ok. All in all a really great date.

I’m confused. Wasn’t this date supposed to end up being laugh/cringe worthy over drinks with friends who commiserated with the dating pains? It wasn’t like that at all. It was fun and light and I walked away smiling, looking forward to the next, with still zero expectations.

And so, with that, begins the beginning of another chapter of dating in this lengthy book of my life. Phase Two is in full force people. I’ve now added dating to the mix. Let’s see what this brings into my new New York life. Like always continue to send over them good vibes! They’ve done wonders for me thus far and I really don’t want that to end.


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