Please donate!

I’ll get an updated post with all the recent happenings (lots of fun amazing things have been happening and will be happening!) soon but for the meantime..

This is a Public Service Announcement brought to you by myself and Cross Cultural Solutions.

Ok, here goes my shameless plug..

The thing is friends, I’ve decided to fulfill a goal I’ve had for a very long time now. I signed up for a volunteer abroad program in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Yes, Africa.I chose Africa because it’s a continent I have not yet stepped foot on and a place that has so much need for help. I will be participating in a 2 week program. I will be working with kids in some way that has not yet been defined but I’ve greatly expressed that my time be best spent with the kids. I really think I’ll be able to get the most out of the experience that way. I will be staying in a shared house with up to 40 other volunteers who will come and go at different times – some staying for a month, others for a week or weeks.
What I’m asking from you is a donation. I know a lot of you contribute to different charities and have your own favorites. I’m asking you to possibly redirect that donation this one time to assist your friend in fulfilling her life long dream while still being able to contribute in large part to the greater good of Africa’s, more specifically Kilimanjaro, Tanzania’s philanthropic need.
The total cost of this life changing experience will be upwards of $5k. I’m fundraising for the actual program of 3.3 k that doesn’t include my flight of over 2k. Your money goes to the program costs of supplies, housing, workers, schools, hospitals etc.
Anything helps! Even if it’s $10. Really, anything.
To put it in perspective $10 that you spend daily at Starbucks can feed a child for 10 days in Africa. This program helps educate, provide jobs, and offer medical assistance to those in need.
Donating some money is an easy way to contribute to those less fortunate and make you feel good at the same time! PLUS, you can claim this as a tax expense at the end of the year! Charity donations are tax deductible!!!
I also ask that if you do decide to donate you check with your company to see if they provide matching to charity donations. A lot of companies include that in their benefits and it’s underutilized so please check with your HR representative to see if it’s offered.
Thank you very much to those that have already donated to the cause. Your support and dollars go a long way and I am humbled and blessed by your generosity. For those that decide not to donate at this time I appreciate your well wishes and continued support. Because of ALL of you and your love and support I am able to live out my life in a way that is aligned with my personal legend (For more on personal legends go read my favorite book The Alchemist!). For that, I will be forever grateful.
For more info on CSS:
Super Cool Informative interesting video:
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
For those that donate I promise to send you a postcard while volunteering abroad!

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