Shoe game

I’m losing this shoe game folks. It’s bad. Since I have been in NYC I have not once worn heels. In fact, I gave up most of my heels, minus a couple pairs, when I moved. Apparently I shouldn’t have.

My feet have really taken a beating since I’ve been here. Daily I walk more than 2.5 miles. A lot of days it’s upwards of over 5. I also live in a 4th floor walk up so about 4-6 times a day I go up and down the stairs. So that’s essentially 8-12 times since when I go down I have to come back up.

I’ve bought many a pair of flats to try out different things for my poor little feet. I’ve spoken to salespeople about what is most comfortable. I’ve ordered online based on comfort reviews. It’s been a huge pain in this ass; this search for the golden shoes.

I took up run/walks a few weeks to a month back. I’ve had to swap out my shoes because of pain I was feeling on the right foot below my arch. The 2nd pair of shoes I did 3 run-walks at 3 miles each. I began to feel pain on the left foot. First it was the heel then it traveled to my shins. Now both of my feet and shins are in pain. I got a golf ball to help massage each foot. I’ve tried to soak them and stretch them. It hasn’t helped. In fact since I stopped running 4-5 days ago it’s hurt more.

It looks like the verdict is Plantar Fasciitis. I’ve consulted with a number of people and all signs point to that.

Today I swapped out my running shoes for the 3rd time. I am hoping that this time is the charm. I was told that wearing flats this whole time has likely made the issue worse since there was no heel lift support. I’ve always worn heels. I always thought them to be more comfortable unless they pinch my toes or I’ve worn them over a long night out of dancing or always being on my feet.

I find it ironic that I acquiesced to having to wear flats and it’s bitten me in the ass. That’s what I get for giving up my beloved pretty heels.

Now I’m stuck with these asshole flats that are making my feet and my heart hurt.

Tomorrow I will start up the run/walks again and hope these new bad boys make my feet feel like we’re bouncing on pillowy clouds of goodness.



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