Huxley’s long day

Yesterday I had an awesome productive day. It was one of those day’s that I looked at the time and thought wow, it’s still so early and I’ve done so much already. Go me! Then I kept doing more and more. I really love days like that. It’s so satisfying to feel productive. 

Huxley was almost as productive as I was. Maybe not, but he did have a very long taxing day. I was going through my paperwork and found Huxley’s adoption flyer from the Humane Society when I adopted him almost 2 years ago now. Back then he was around 4 months young and his name was Kona. I know. He is sooo not a Kona. I showed him the flyer and went on to explain how he came to be mine. He was confused at first. He’s had such a great life since then he forgot where he came from.



After the adoption-never-forget-where-you-came-from-always-appreciate-life talk I took him to the dog park so he could have some fun. It is his happy place. When we first moved and I started taking him there he was a little apprehensive. Now whenever we go on walks he pulls me in that direction and when I unleash him and open the gate he bolts to the other dogs to play. It brings me so much joy to see him so happy and social. We stayed there for a good amount of time. (I felt guilty to what he was going to have to endure later that day).



I get really disgusted when I think of Huxley’s cute lil paws walking on all the nastiness that are new york streets. The sidewalks smell like shit and urine. I shudder to think what and who caused it to be so foul. Huxley legit chased a rat the other night. I was mortified. MORTIFIED. Imagine how I felt a few nights later when he saw cockroaches on the sidewalk and tried to go after them too. Ugh.

Cockroaches are such a fear of mine. I remember being in the Philippines around the age of 8/9 and walking the streets at night with my cousins and I hear this distinct noise. It was of all the cockroaches having a family powwow in the middle of the street. It looked like hundreds of them in a huge circle. Not only that but they fucking were above the ground. ABOVE the fucking ground ya’ll! Those suckers can fly. Ever since then I’ve done what I could to avoid those things that fly and can survive nuclear wars. Admittedly, I may at times have dropped shit and run screaming upon coming across those critters. I can’t help it. It’s a fear. Look it up and let me know what it’s called. This is serious.

Anyways, I gave the lil shit monster a bath so that I could feel better about everything. Here he is looking sad and dejected about the whole thing. Clearly the nasty doesn’t bother him like it does his mama.


Even later, I took him to the vet. It is a very traumatic experience for Hux and I when we go to the vet. Back in the Bay when we would drive there even before  it was in view and we hit the vet’s driveway he would begin shaking and get major anxiety. He does not do well with the vet no matter how many treats I give him and how much I try to soothe him. It usually takes the vet and a technician to hold him down for shots. He’s a fiesty lil one.

Since he’s never been to the vet here in NYC we were fine walking in the door. Once he realized the type of establishment he was in he started freaking out. Poor lil pup. Btw, it’s a 30% markup to take him for a vet exam here in NYC. The shots were also more expensive here than back home. It’s pretty awesome.




Once he was done with his shot after the exam, they brought him out to me and he couldn’t scamper my way fast enough. He was like mom, get me the fuck outta here, for reals. i hate you for bringing me here but so happy to see you now that i’m done. get to steppin. Once we got home he got lots of play time and more treats since he had such an emotional day. He was donezo way earlier than he would normally be. Oh Huxley bear. Such a tough life you lead.



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