More about the people and the places

Let’s see. What else have I been up to… Lots of fun things happened this week.

For one I got to meet up with one of New York’s other newest residents! It’s so wonderful having someone here that is from home and is going through all the same changes I am in acclimating with city life. Becca and I had a fun day exploring a bit of Chelsea, starting off at a juice bar, walking through Chelsea Market and then strolling the High Line. Chelsea Market has a bunch of restaurants, bars and cute shops. It gets very crowded. Since it was Labor Day weekend, most of New York was out of town, so we were able to really enjoy it. The High Line is a public park on a historic freight line. It goes for about 20 blocks or so. It has great views and they also have cool vendors. It’s a great place to walk, people watch and take in more beautiful views from another part of the city.




By my apartment there’s a restaurant called ‘Sugar & Plumm’. They sell food but it’s more of a place to indulge your sweet tooth. One day Ela and I decided we really needed something ridiculously rich to gorge on with no regrets. I’ve been wanting to try this place. I always think to myself how cute it is when I walk by. After much deliberation we ordered different brownie sundaes. I had the mint chip ice cream one that included chunks of peppermint bark cookies. What?! Yup, it sure did. It was decadent and delightful. So much so I couldn’t finish it. I wish I couldn’t taken the leftovers home. Unfortch, ice cream doesn’t transport well. 







The other night I met up with Dahlia and Ela. I scored free tickets to a Comedy Show and they came with. I love going to comedy shows and I used to go whenever I could to the ones back in the Bay. It was such a fun night. Dahlia and I met up at a restaurant in Chelsea near the venue called ‘East of Eighth’ for dinner. It was a great restaurant. The bottom floor was a bar/lounge and the top floor was the restaurant. The food was delicious and affordable and the service was great. After that Ela met up with us at Gotham Comedy Club. It was a night of various comedians, no headliner. They weren’t all great. In fact, a couple of them were terrible but it was still such a great time and we laughed a lot. It’s always nice to switch up what you do and go somewhere outside of the bars.










Last night I went to a Jazz Event Meetup in TriBeCa. The venue was so dope! If I had a bar ‘type’ B flat would probably be it. It was a basement bar that had a speakeasy swanky feel with 1920s cocktails. The decor were framed posters of the great jazz musicians, giving laud to Coltrane and the like.  It was Japanese owned and the bartenders were all Japanese, dressed in gatsby-esque attire. Did I mention this place was so dope! I just wish it wasn’t as crowded. I can’t wait to go back to this place. 







There’s just so much to do in this amazing city. I want to do it all. What’s great is that there are so many things you can get into that doesn’t cost a penny. It’s so great for those like me who are gainfully unemployed. My need for exploration here in NYC just might be insatiable. I hope this feeling of wonderment and delight never escape me. I never want to look at the Empire State Building and not feel a flutter inside. I am completely enamored with New York City. Head over fucking heels enamored.



One thought on “More about the people and the places

  1. Rebecca Bjorklund

    I love your adventurous spirit Lei, and how you take advantage of every moment and opportunity to explore this wonderful city! I had so much fun last weekend, and feel exactly the same way about having someone from home who really “gets it” in terms of adjusting to a new way of life here. The jazz bar you went to sounds awesome, and I would love to join you for another excursion soon. Looking forward to seeing you next week!

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