The times and the social media

With starting this blog I’ve become more aware of social media and the role it plays in our lives. I mean, of course I haven’t been a hermit. I opened a twitter account in 2009 but only used it about a handful of times. I went through all the changes of social media web platforms from Friendster to MySpace to Facebook to Google+. Myspace was my favorite becuase you got to play around more with your page and individualize it with music and backgrounds and colors.  I did a brief stint in the blogging world on Xanga circa 2004/2005. I jumped on Instagram right away about 3 years ago before most of my friends had it, thanks to Ali. I’ve had a Skype handle since 2006. I’ve been a Yelp member since 2008. I’ve had a Goodreads account for 4.5 years. I’m super hip to since I’ve used in in a professional environment and now utilizing it more to expand my social network personally. So I’m no stranger. I’ve been in the know and have dabbled with most popular forms of social media at one point or another.

But for me it’s been an on/off love affair. I get all curious and I’m all over it then I go through phases where I don’t check it at all and am quite subverse to it. The reason being is that it takes up a lot of your time. Time is of the essence. More importantly time is of the financial essence. That, and if you follow celebrities I feel it makes you stupider (in my world that’s a word. suck it if you disagree) and rots your brain.

I’ve become that person that is always on their phone. Checking insta, checking emails, checking fb for current events etc. Yes, it’s a wonderful way to stay connected. Yes, it’s amazing the leaps and bounds man has made to get us to where we are technically. The problem I find with it is my desire to keep things simple and to continuously enjoy those simple pleasures. 

I gave in and got a kindle recently. And I struggled with the decision to do so. I love the feel and the smell of a book. I like the act of turning pages and seeing how much of the story I’ve read and with how much I have left guessing the outcomes. I resisted for many many years in getting an e-reader. I used one for the first time when I went to Thailand & Beijing last March only because I didn’t want to weight of the books in my bags and suitcases. I’m a fast reader and on my previous vacation to Brazil before that I took 4 beach reads, finished them all quickly then left them behind because I didn’t want that weight in my baggage. I decided for my Asia trip with the long flights and wait times it would be most efficient to use a reader. It changed my life. 

I joke about how travel is the only time I really get to catch up on reading. But it truly is for me. When home you really have to carve out time in your day to read a book. There’s just so much in life you have to keep up with. When traveling and I’m on a plane or on other forms of transportation and I’m not behind the driver’s seat I utilize that time to read. With the e-reader I read 6 books when I was traveling abroad. I downloaded a bunch because it’s on a little tablet so you can and I got to choose according to my mood what I wanted to read. I wasn’t relegated to just the books I brought with me. It was great.




Anyways, I digress. The point to the kindle example is that sometimes, even with technology and the latest going ons you need to dive head first and keep up with the masses to simplify your life. There’s a reason why these things have become so ingrained in our culture. Technology can take you anywhere. The most major plus I’m seeing is that it’s time efficient. You can reach anyone at any time with these social media outlets. Or you can gain back time from using certain products.

I started this blog so that loved ones back home can keep up to date with my new life here in New York. Instead of talking on the phone (which I don’t really enjoy doing) with each person and have the same conversations over and over, I can reach everyone at one time and can exert only x amount of energy in doing so. Talk about efficiency.

Then the most wonderful thing happened. Along the way in the process I remembered how much I love to write. It’s an outlet I stopped practicing long ago during a time that was really difficult for me. 

This move has opened my eyes to things I really didn’t even anticipate. I’m surprised by some of the things I’m finding out or remembering about myself. It feels fantastic. I feel like if I were a cartoon to depict me right now my cartoon character would stretch and all this awesomeness of revelations/ideas/happy thoughts/creativity etc fly at me at lighting speeds and when I get hit with them one by one I become a brighter character with more vibrant colors. I would become more whole in some way. Can you picture that? Cool right? 

So here I am succumbing to all that is social media in all my honest vulnerable glory. Last week I decided to make my blog public and post it on all my pages. It was tough to get there but when I did I committed 100%. I’m back on twitter. I’ve been writing on this blog daily. I’m always posting photos on instagram. I’ve started reviewing what I’ve experienced on yelp. I’m here digital world, I’m fucking here.

* This post is in no way sponsored by Kindle although it should be. I’m really loving their Kindle Paperwhite and am whoring it out to everyone. Go buy a kindle it’ll change your life.


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