Places I’ve gone, People I’ve seen

For more on how I’ve been occupying my time and where I’ve eaten or had drinks at see below. I’ve also added pictures to break up my ramblings.

One night Ela and I went to dinner at Pio Pio. It’s a Peruvian restaurant on 94th and Amsterdam. It is so damn good there! The service was great and the place was cute. We shared 2 entrees, an appetizer plate and dessert, with Sangria off course. I can’t wait to go back there and try more dishes. We got there fairly early for dinner so it wasn’t that busy but by the time we left it was pretty packed. As I walked away I kept checking out the food people ordered. Everything looked so delicious.






This past Thursday night I went bar hopping with Asia. (Pronounced Ah-sha for those that were saying A-zha in their heads) We started off at this Cuban restaurant near Bryant Park off 38th and 6th. It was called Havana NY. Do not ever go there. It is not good.  In fact, it’s bad. The service was friendly and the ambience was nice, however, the food lacked any flavor and the drinks lacked any alcohol. It was a shame too because we each order 2 rounds of drinks and got 4 appetizers. I felt defeated after. I’ve never had Cuban that was flavorless and unappetizing. I was upset I spent money on all that shit. Don’t these bitches know I’m sorely lacking in funds?! I guess it was good it was happy hour so it was cheaper but still.

No bueno Havana NY, no fucking bueno.


After that we wanted to redeem our drinking experience. We walked down the street and came across the Archer hotel. They have a rooftop bar called Spyglass. The lobby of the hotel was decorated so posh and the bartenders on the roof bar wore bow ties and quickly accomodated. The view of the Empire State Building was breathtaking. However, it was a very small area which made for a very tight cramped space with all the other people trying to enjoy the view and weather like we were. After downing strong whiskey drinks to make up for our previous drinks at Havana we headed out to find our next destination. 




We were winging where to go and it just so happened we stumbled across another hotel with a rooftop bar. I can’t get enough of the rooftop bars. I’m such a sucker for a view. The hotel was called Refinery. And the rooftop bar was amazing! AND the bartender poured heavy. We ended up with more whiskey drinks. (I’m also a sucker for whiskey. More specifically, bourbon). The views of the Empire State Building will never get old for me. 







After that we decided the best way to end the night was at Shack Shake. There went my “diet”. 






Friday was day 2 of my ‘run/walk get your shit together and get fit’ self imposed experiment. So far so good. Although, the bottom of the arch on my right foot started hurting and has been acting up ever since. I’m going to have to exchange the pretty saucony’s, unfortunately. Hopefully the next pair will be a good fit.

I didn’t do much that night. Hung out with the roomie here at home. She’s awesome. Huxley loves her as well. It’s nice to have someone to talk to at home. I’ve built super solid friendships with roommates in the past (Deepa, talking about you girl! love you!) so this is important to me. It creates a great living space to have someone you can just be comfortable and be yourself with, eat crap, look like a slob, and just shoot the shit. We’ve gone to happy hour together a few times outside of the  apt which is also nice.

In the interest of expanding my social network I’ve joined a bunch of Meetup groups here in NYC so that I can meet more like-minded people and do fun things outside of just bar hopping. With that said, I have no problems doing things solo. It’s always been very easy and natural for me to make friends and talk to strangers wherever I am. I’ve traveled and gone to dinners/happy hours alone. Those seem to be the things people are most uncomfortable doing alone.

I’ve always been pretty independent. Sometimes I prefer it. Not always. But sometimes. If you’re in the company of other people you may not be as open to talking to strangers and can miss an opportunity to make new friends or learn something interesting. And sometimes it’s just nice to be in your own company with your own thoughts enjoying a delicious meal and a glass of wine. Besides, it’s also always fun to people watch. 

Sat was a really awesome day. I woke up, let Hux handle his business, got in a ‘run/walk’, showered and got ready, grabbed a sourdough bagel at my favorite bagel shop in the area and headed out to East Village. The meetup day event I signed up for on Saturday was a painting event. I love painting. It’s so fun to get lost in what you’re doing and be creative. I’ve done those paintnite events but what was better about this was that it was cheaper, included a drink, got me out of my neighborhood and into the East Village and I met some cool people in the process. We painted whatever we wanted. When I moved I left behind a peacock painting I did. I wanted one for my place here so I decided to paint another. His name is Perseus. Perseus, the peacock. What? I like to name things.

The event was definitely something I will be signing up for again. I also may or may not have been hit on and extremely flattered by it at the end of the event..

More photos for your viewing pleasure. I stole the last two photos from the group meetup forum online.








Saturday night was just as fun as the day. I met up with my girl Eliza and we watched an off Boradway show called  ‘Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man’. Let it be known it was not my idea. I wanted to watch Jersey Boys. I thought her idea was more entertaining for a random fun night plus we got a Groupon. The show was interactive. Yup, one of those.  I’m just happy I wasn’t a part of the show. I’m not one for the limelight but limelight AND cheesy embarrassing shit together? Nope, I’m out dude. It’s not happening. While I’m hiding behind myself and closing my eyes at awkward moments my girl is saying she wished she got picked. Just one of the reasons why I love her. I laughed quite a bit but just as much as I laughed I cringed. A part of me died inside each time. It made for an awesome experience. 




Our friend Kimia met up with us after for dinner and drinks. I forget where we ate but it was an Italian restaurant near the theatre. The best part of the meal was our server. He had so much personality. The food and drinks were good too.


After, we wandered and walked for a bit. We ended up at the Hudson Hotel to check out their outside patio bar but they were shutting it down as we got there. The library bar in the Hudson Hotel was cool but the lines to get a drink were ridiculous so we kept it moving. We ended up at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

It was a pretty swanky hotel. They have this hotel in Paris, Hong Kong, Vegas and San Francisco as well. The bar was inside but had an amazing view. I wish I had a photo but trust me the view over Columbus Circle was spectacular. I mean, you paid for the view with your drinks tab for sure. But it was a nice way to end the evening. 


I hope everyone had a safe and fun last weekend of summer. The temperature here the last few days has been climbing and the humidity is showing itself. Yesterday there was rain, lightening and thunderstorms. And more threats of it in the upcoming days. It’s funny. It’s starting to feel like the summer we should’ve had. All good for me. It’s not like I don’t sweat regardless. Makes no difference really.

I’m really looking forward to fall. This Cali girl is excited to see real seasons change.

Happy Labor day to those that work and had the day off. For me it was just another day. No labor happening over besides all those flights of stairs I do at least 4x a day. (My ass better look like perfection soon) Much to my dismay I’m just, you know..doin my thang.. enjoyin my life.. chillaxin. 

More on the places and the people soon. But for now, I’m off to you know, do my thang…enjoy my life… chillax.. 


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