Your reality

Someone said to me once that  they lived by the motto “act as if”. That really resonated with me. Often, different times in my life, I’ve felt insecure or vulnerable but felt like I couldn’t reach out for one reason or another. Those times you look within and you have that internal dialogue of choices presented to you. Either you a) continue what you’re doing and yield the same results or b) change what you’re doing even though you don’t have that conviction in yourself to succeed. I prefer option ‘b’.

Once I remember to ‘act as if’ when I feel small/vulnerable/insecure etc I initially feel uncomfortable because it’s different, but then I begin to feel more confident. Yes, it does start off as a false bravado, more of a shield, sometimes a defense mechanism. However, in ‘acting as if’ your perspective changes.  In portraying what you want others to believe about you it starts to become your reality and hopefully you begin to believe it about you too. The more you practice it the more it reaffirms that reality. As time progresses the line from which you drew to be an ‘act’ and to be ‘real’ dissolves.

There is a lot to be said for repetition. Things become ingrained into your being. Either by way of physical activity, lifestyle choice or mental though process.

Currently my reality is being shifted. I’ve started and am  currently starting quite a few different lifestyle changes. Because of that my perspectives are also changing. I find myself thinking about ideas and concepts that are fresh and invigorating. My physical way of life has also changed given to the fact that I live in a walkable city and have set new physical goals for myself. I feel very empowered. There’s that little nagging voice deep deep down from a past life when I didn’t know who I was and allowed everyone around me to dictate how I felt about myself. It’s saying I’m setting myself up for failure. Saying I don’t have the discipline nor the fortitude. Saying here you go again starting something you won’t finish. 

The thing is I have a choice to listen to that voice. To either give it power or make it powerless and untrue. That voice is not me. It’s not a part of who I am anymore. It’s a voice of fear displaced onto me by others that I’ve come across throughout my lifetime. The fear speaks on whatever issues they own themselves. They have nothing to do with me. I’ve worked out and continue to work out my emotional crap. I’ve been aware for a long time. I’m choosing me and with what I’ve learned is that when you love yourself and truly put yourself and your personal legend and truth above all else you will always prevail. That is my reality.


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