Runners Club

I am not a runner. I never have been. I remember there was a period when I was able to run without stopping on the treadmill for 25 mins then after that show’s over. And that period didn’t last that long.  In high school I always walked the mile they make you do. I wasn’t about that life. I have always envied runners though. It seems so cathartic. They work shit out in their heads when they run. They get to catch up on their music or their radio talks. They can ensure they have pretty views depending where they choose to run. I always worked out my issues through drinking, I mean yoga. Caught up on my jams while stuck driving in traffic. And saw pretty views when I eventually got my lazy ass up to do so or had to take Hux on a walk. Running is the biz. At least, that’s what a lot of my friends seem to think. You know who you are. *cough cough* Jan-Mikey-Elizabeth *cough cough* Plus when the zombie apocalypse really happens then they have more of a chance of survival. Us walkers don’t stand a chance. Well, maybe be I do since I walk fast and have become an expert walker living in New York. But good luck to the rest of you.

Given the recent issue I had with the H&M’s jeans. And my need to make a lifestyle change. (Clearly, leaving my life behind and moving across country wasn’t enough) I decided that I needed to become a runner. Mind you, it will take a while for me to get there as I start off as more a  brisk jogger (read:fast walker) than runner but I’m hoping to eventually get there. Since I’ve moved to NYC I’ve walked through Central Park almost every day. I am constantly surrounded by runners taunting me with their running skills and catharsis of the mind. Yes, I see you with your lack of body fat in tight sythentic able to talk, breathe and run at the same time. I get it. I can’t handle that kind of multi-tasking. But just you wait. I will. 

I went to Jack Rabbit, a running store, off 72nd and Amsterdam to get fitted for shoes a couple days ago. They monitored how I run so that they could provide the shoes best fit for my running style. I assumed I ran like Phoebe in Friends from that one episode where she ran through Central Park all spastic and “free”. I happily found out I didn’t. I actually have a neutral gait. Booyakasha! I don’t know why that made me proud, since I have no control over that, but it did. Oh, little things.

I got a pair of sweet Saucony’s. Google that shit. Tell me if you were pronouncing it right this whole time. You were probably pronouncing it like I was. Straight up ignorance. I walked away spending $200. (Because I really needed another reason to spend money, especially when I’m lacking in funds. Cool). Had to feel fitted to get started. I mean, it’s not like Picasso dove into his masterpieces with no supplies and just his bare hands. 





Today has been day 2 of the run walks. I’m already feeling more accomplished and determined. I’m looking forward to the day when I feel I got mad endurance, or even just some endurance. Pretty soon I hope to be initiated into the runners club and when the zombies come to invade I can push you slow walking suckers away and run fast as fuck to freedom.


4 thoughts on “Runners Club

  1. Jan

    YAY!!!! This makes me so happy for you hon! SO proud of you! Can’t wait to run with you and maybe run a race together someday! Yep, that is happening!!! 🙂 Thanks for the shout out! hehe YOU GO GIRL!!!!


  2. Raf

    Lei! I’ve always felt the same way – I “wished” I was a runner! I just never could get to the point where I would stop thinking “when can I stop?” I am so proud of you! I just started taking these barre classes a couple months ago and have been committed to going at least 3 x a week. It feels good to be doing something active and setting goals 🙂 Keep up the good work and love the new kicks!


    1. leilucero Post author

      It really does feel good doesn’t it?! It feels great to have some regiment around it too. Thank you for your encouragement! Good luck with Barre! I used to take classes but that didn’t last too long for me. It’s so hard but such a great workout!



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