Phase Two continued

It’s been a lil less than 1 and 1/2 months since I’ve been here. The time is going by pretty fast although the days don’t seem like they are. I’ve had really awesome days and some not as awesome, but not bad. I really miss my friends and family. There have been times that I’ve felt lonely and times I’ve felt on top of the world. These are all to be expected but I wish I could have you all experience a tiny bit of this with me. I’m still trying to get settled into my life here. I’m anxious. I’m very grateful and happy I have a home, although I’m not sure how long I will be staying in this apt. I’m just really anxious to get fully immersed in the Phase 3 part of this big New York move.

There have been days I was focused on finding a new job and super committed to the search, but honestly, there were probably more days that I wasn’t. It’s a bit cumbersome and at times exasperating looking for a job. Besides the fact that just looking for a job sucks, I’m finding that the New York job market definitely has it’s differences than Silicon Valley. Although, coincidentally someone I indirectly reported to in the past at Yahoo! was connected to someone I interviewed with here in NYC and spoke highly of me and coincidentally, another person I phone interviewed with had the same people in common with me and started the project at Google I worked on while I was contracting there, my network doesn’t really extend this far. Tech is a small world. But tech obviously isn’t the predominant market out here in NYC. It’s finance. I know shit about shit regarding the finance world. All I know is that some of them “wall street guys” seem douchey. But that’s neither here nor there.

Besides tech being a small world, recruiting is as well. In The Bay everyone knows everyone or knows someone that you will eventually know and your reputation may proceed you. You may have heard me use the term “suck at life”. Yes, I know some people in my recruiting network that fit that bill and made me coin the term to fit their persona. I try to stay away from those people. In speaking to a few folks out here I’m hearing more and more that the hardest part is getting “in”. It looks like you really need an in to get in. But how can you get in if you don’t yet have an in? Riddle me that.

Most of my past jobs have been strictly based on networking and referrals. It was convenient and easy. I built really good connections in my past jobs and feel my work always spoke for itself. I tried not to burn bridges because frankly the industry is so small you don’t know who you’re next boss will be or who decides your salary. Moving across country into a whole different job market has proven to be a bit more difficult than I anticipated. Ok, so I haven’t been hitting the job search hard daily and yes, it’s only been a little over a month but my naiveté assumed it would be cake like it’s always been for me. Silly me. Oh, life. You continue to throw me lessons don’t you?

Some have told me I should just keep enjoying the fact that I’m not working and get into all that NYC has to offer. I love exploring and having a lot of relaxing fun solo time but I prefer shared experiences. It’s hard to share these experiences when the only people I know here are a handful of folks and those folks already have jobs and their own lives. Lame. I also haven’t been working for a few months so the feeling of not working has lost it’s luster. Doubly lame. I’ve been working since I was 14. I’m good at it. I like the independence (read: money) it’s always provided me and I enjoy being efficient/productive and like working towards goals. So wtf people. Hire me. I’m awesome. And I’m eager. And I’m awesome.

My last job sucked. I wasn’t getting the mental stimulus, respect or acknowledgment as a human being let alone a valued employee, nor did I feel I was making a difference in the greater good of the company. To say the least I wasn’t happy there. But, I did get paid vacations and I was able to work it in a way that I got what I wanted in the end and even came out on top. I pride myself in being able to frame things my way but make it seem like it was someone else’s idea. I like to call that street smarts. Get on it. Or feel free to email me and I’ll give you tips.

Alas, I’m happy to report that I’ve found an independent contract position. Mama needs a brand new pair of shoes! (No, but really. I need new shoes. My feet are jacked. I’m sad about it but moreso that shit hurts. My feet have never known this kind of pain). Contracting wasn’t ideal initially but the more I think about it the more I warm up to it. I spoke with the CEO in much detail. Homeboy really liked to talk. Like, way way too much. But I liked him and it’s a cool start up. It may or may not lead to something full time. It’s ok if it doesn’t. It’s like we’re dating, me and the company. Gotta ease into it. No commitments up front. Gotta build that trust.  Naw I’m sayin? Naw I mean? Word.

In the past when I’ve contracted at big corporations it was through agencies. They handled everything and I was still W-4’d. Now as an independent contractor I will need to use a W-9 and 1099. Yeah, I don’t know what that means either. All I know is that the good thing is that I can jack up my hourly rate (yea bitches!) but the flip-side is that no taxes will be taken out so I better save a lot of money for when reliable Ol’ Uncle Sam comes knocking at my door early next year asking for my money back. That jerk.

This will be an adjustment for Huxley. Me getting back into the workforce. He’s used to hanging out all day. Going to the dog park for at least an hour a day. Hanging out at Central Park for many more hours a day. Going on super long walks and such. I might need to look into getting him a dog walker. I’m sure the guilt will overtake me and I will have to eventually when I’m a full time 9-5’er. But for now I get to make my own hours and can work anywhere I damn well please. If only Central Park had free wifi..

New York has been good to me so far. I hope it continues to stay this way. I’m sure it’ll be nicer to me once I’m able to buy some new comfy shoes.



One thought on “Phase Two continued

  1. Kath

    You could get one of those mifi cards so you can have wifi where ever… But it’s not free, it’s a monthly charge…congrats on the job!



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