What’s worse than sweating in and out of the subways you ask? it’s schlepping while sweating in and out of the subways. Schlepping through the city is a bitch. I will outline examples of why schlepping sucks so much below.

For those that don’t know I got an apartment! It’s the exact one I wanted and had been asking the universe for help in getting. Everything is super convenient and close to me. Subway lines, a dog park, Central Park, bars and restaurants, bus lines. It’s perfect! My roommate seems super chill, is in her 30s, has her shit together, loves dogs and decorated the apt adorably. (You guys know how much I love to decorate and how important the aesthetics in my personal space are) My room has an exposed brick wall! I’ve always wanted a brick wall with that cozy feel. AND i have a window that brings in light! You all may be thinking big deal but it is a fucking big deal to get a room that has a window with natural light. My closet is in the living room but it’s really big for NYC standards so I’m thrilled. I am in love with this apartment people. In love. I am sooo sooo excited and grateful I got this place! Anyways, I digress. Back to the schlepping…

I was lucky enough to have my amazing friend Ela help me move my shit from her apt to the new digs. She still had her car from our Montauk weekend celebrating Asia’s birthday (it’s usually parked in jersey at her parents house) so she graciously caravanned me and my shit across town to the West side and even more graciously help me bring that shit up 4 flights of stairs. (Does it need to be stated again that I’m soo very grateful I have such awesome friends?? I am soooo very grateful I have such amazing friends) Tuesday I schlepped my 3 suitcases, an air mattress and some odd number of bags up the 4 flights of stairs. I left lil’ Huxley on the East side to get him later. After I went to Macys to pick up pillows and sheets. More schlepping. Imagine me carrying 2 big bags of pillows and sheets looking up directions on google maps to get me back to my new area. Yes, I sure did walk the wrong way with all that crap for a block and have to turn my ass right around to get to the subway.


Walking up and down subways when you have transfers and you’re carrying shit is a pain in the ass. Even more a pain in the ass when it’s hot, the subway cars are packed, you can’t sit, and you and your shit are occupying space. I am starting to really appreciate what having a car means for transporting crap. I always took advantage of that because I knew no other way. All you West Coast folk with cars say a quick prayer of thanks.

Here’s another example of the schlepping. I needed to get Huxley, his bed, the dog carrier, a large bag of clothes and my huge purse bag of my laptop and other heavy things across town. That’s hella shit. I walked Huxley carrying all my shit for about 8 blocks until we got to the bus stop. There I put him in his carrier. In NYC dogs are allowed on public transportation if they are in a bag, even if it’s like a tote. Because this was around 8 AM, the busses were packed for those going to work so I had to stand there holding all this shit with hux in the carrier trying to scratch his way out. I get to my stop by the new digs, walk a block, get in the building and of course walk up the 4 flights to my apt.


Another day I went to Bed Bath to pick up bed risers so I can put storage under my bed when it arrives. (New Yorkers utilize space any where they can find it. Again, like I’ve said before New Yorkers are efficient with a purpose) I also picked up other essentials. Took the big bags back to the apt via foot and subway. Again, the schlepping. Are you starting to get it? How about when I went yesterday to save spots for movie night at Riverside Park on the Hudson River. I had 2 medium sized bags. 1 with a blanket and 1 to throw Hux in while I was in the wine store picking up 2 bottles. I probably walked about 30 mins with that shit to get to the place early to save seats.


It sucks people. But ask me if it’s worth it. I’m happy. Really happy. I have been having so much fun and am so excited I have a new home. I love walking everywhere and taking in the sights and of course, the eating. I also had another great NY weekend under my belt that was spent in Montauk. I’ll write about it in another post but it was beautiful and fun and Hux got to run around off leash which made my heart soar. The little things..

Now back to more schlepping.


3 thoughts on “Schlepping

  1. Cin Mai Garcia

    So so happy you found the place you’ve been looking for. Love it babe! Miss and love you more though! You’re such a great writer, I feel like I am there with you! Xoxo


  2. Kath

    It’s funny cause I totally try to visualize you carrying all your shit and climbing up 4 flights of stairs and can only imagine the comments you are making as you walk up! Lol



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