2 weeks in

I’m sitting here in Bryant Park again. This is only the 2nd time I’ve been here since I moved. I’m in the area because I had an interview with a recruiting agency and decided after I wanted to sit in the park again to update you all. My friend Dahlia works right across the street so we plan on grabbing lunch together although I doubt she’ll have time to eat with me. She’s a tv producer and is wrapping up a travel show. How fun that must be!

As far as updates go I’ve been trudging along the productivity line slower than I would like. A lot of that is attributed to the fact that I’m very impatient. I’ve had some things in the pipe. Phone screens/interviews, a couple onsites, a skype and more calls tomorrow. So really, things are moving along, I just don’t have a job quite yet. And ok, maybe I need to give myself a break. It’s only been 2 weeks since I’ve been here and I’m really enjoying this time to get to know my new old city more.

My days are so wonderful. I’ve been walking around and exploring and stuffing my face with delicious food every chance I get. Every day I fall more in love with this beast of a city. Every day I marvel at the tall buildings and beautiful parks. Every day I’ve been subway-ing it or taking the cross town bus. I’ve seen some weird ass shit (for example a crazy lady unpacking her homemade pigeon stuffed animals on the ground at Washington Square Park while talking to them, a guy on the 6 train with a parrot on his shoulder, another guy on the 6 seemingly speaking alien in a chanting manor) but also some heartwarming ass shit (random people frequently giving up their subway seats to mothers or kids, someone giving a homeless man money even though no one else on the train would make eye contact, and even every musical street/subway performer [I really loved the homeless guy on the 6 train’s rendition of stand by me with his cane tapping to the beat, he had such a beautiful beautiful voice],  the burly manly man construction worker who walked by me and Hux on 2nd Ave in the UES when Huxley was sitting and was like “what a good boy. He is so cute and walked away smiling”). I am in love with New York City. Like head-over-heels-this-bitch-is-sprung in love. I find myself thinking why didn’t I move to New York sooner. My soul needed this. My heart is happy. It’s my mind that every once in a while if I let it shows it’s bouts of anxiety or nervousness…

I found an apt that I love in an area that I love that’s “affordable” and the chick is seemingly normal and someone I could really be friends with. It’s just a waiting game. She’s met Huxley and he thankfully was so sweet and quiet, no barking and sat when she asked him to sit and things of that nature. I did walk him across town through central park and took him to the dog park to tire him out beforehand but I’m still all proud mama about it. She’s supposed to get back to me this week. I have been praying to the Universe and all of the powers that be that she chooses me. I’m also secretly hoping all the people she meets are weirdos. Everyone please continue to send your good vibes, well wishes and prayers. The sooner I get an apartment situated the sooner you all can come visit. Ex-actly.

I’m so eager to get my life going but I need to remind myself that my life IS going and that this is the fun part. I get to explore and my adventures are daily. I should enjoy this time before life gets hectic and all I’m doing is struggling to keep up with the New York pace. This feeling is the same excited feeling when you know you have a trip on the horizon. But the only difference is I’m already at my destination and as I soak it all in I’m lucky enough to get to stay. That’s some good shit and I’m very grateful to have the opportunity and the people who support my endeavors.

Others things that may be of interest:

I probably walk at the very least 2.5 miles a day

I am continuing to sweat pounds and pounds of sweat and still look not cute doing so

I’m so happy and grateful to know people in NYC and even more happy and grateful they run in different groups so I am having different experiences and conversations and insight

I’m giving in to the idea that I will have to pay for a wash and fold laundry service even though the idea still kinda grosses me out

I probably gained 8 lbs being here but am hopeful that will taper off once I get a job and am not able to eat 50x a day

It feels like everyone is a runner

Huxley is acclimating to life here nicely, so nicely I think Ela is now his favorite and not his mama (boooo)

I surprisingly haven’t gotten as drunk as much as you all probably think I have. (Drinks are pricey here and I eat enough of my money away)

I miss you all dearly and can’t wait til the visits start rolling in


2 thoughts on “2 weeks in

  1. Kath

    1. No way have you gained 8lbs! You walk that shit off all day! And if you aren’t walking it off you are definitely sweating it off!
    2. What’s the deal with this wash and fold stuff? They pick up your laundry and then bring it back to you? Or you have to lug it somewhere?
    3. Miss you!!! Xoxo


    1. leilucero Post author

      I’m eating more than I’m walking! hah.For wash and fold you can either drop off and pick up or have them pick up and drop off. Everything here in NYC seems deliverable. So convenient. I miss you too! Mika is getting so big and looks more and more like Logie bear! xoxo



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