The day I conquered the subway

Okay, time to get this shit going. What shit, you ask? Life dude, life. Really. Week 1 has come and gone. It was a great first week getting to know my new old city, getting Huxley more acclimated, partaking in the fun events and marveling in man made architecture. I need to stop fucking around and start the hustle….Then Monday night drinking happened.. Of course Tuesday I spent the entire day doing jack shit. That’s a lie. I did leave the apt to get an everything breakfast bagel and to let Hux out to shit on the street but I spent my day watching gossip girl on Netflix and eating the cheeseburger and tots and grilled cheese and fries  (yes, all of that. don’t act surprised) I got delivered via Seemless (the equivalent to myeatclub in the bay). Ladies and gentleman, hangovers are a mother fucker and they leave you feeling like your life is stuck in purgatory.

Why the hangover? Because your genius friend here decided that drinking without eating dinner would be a fine idea. 1 beer and 4-5 (I say 4-5 because I didn’t quite finish that last one) bourbon cocktails later I got out of the cab in the rain stumbling to my temporary home and alas I couldn’t open the door to the building because the keys obviously had morphed into a shape the door lock wouldn’t accept and had to buzz up for Ela to let me in. Of course that got Hux going 4 floors above me so Ela was having a fun time dealing with that. Once in the building I look at the elevator and decide to say fuck it since it was on the 6th floor and didn’t want to wait. I precede to go up the stairs. I probably made one  before falling on the right side of my body. Yeah, probably just one. I have a huge multi-colored bruise right below my right hip and one below my left knee on the right side. Since my limbs failed me I was humbly relegated to taking the elevator which I should’ve just waited for in the first place. I get upstairs and after telling Ela about my night while cradling Huxley like a baby in my arms I decide I want water. I open the cabinet and out falls a mug and lands on a glass and both break into a gazillion pieces. Put in my place I thought to myself that at that point I don’t even deserve water and crashed on my “bed”. The universe was laughing at me that night while whispering in my ear welcome to New York.

With all that being said, I am happy to report that yesterday, Wednesday, was quite productive. I checked out 5 apts in different neighborhoods as well as had an almost 2 hour job interview. Go me! All the while learning the subway system and breaking for lunch or to send out more apt inquiries at free wi-fi coffee shops. I was transferring and walking up and down subways left and right. Gone is the anxiety of figuring out how to ride that shit solo. Albeit once out of the station there were a few times I walked the wrong direction and had to turn my ass right around and walk back like an idiot. But, with that said, I still feel like a winner! I also feel that because I got the unlimited monthly metro card I was winning even more, as if I was coming up on the system and getting more than my money’s worth. I calculated that I need to ride the subway at least 50 times to get my money’s worth. Yesterday I swiped my card 5 times. The transfers don’t require you to reswipe since you’re already in the subway station. I should probably plan to subway at least 80 times a month to really get on top.  I know, the little things that make me happy. Feel free to send me congratulatory texts, emails, cards or care packages regarding the major feat I’ve accomplished. I welcome them. They will not be turned away.

I left the house yesterday at 10:45 and got back to the apt at 7:40. I was spent, my body was exhausted and my feet had a type of burning sensation that also felt like they had a pulse of their own. (Those damn Cole Haan ballet flats better start becoming more comfy soon) But I was so energized. It was a really great day for me. I celebrated my day by order chicken parmigiana and mozz sticks via seemless. (I love that shit. Seemless is amazing and I anticipate it will be my savior on those cold snowy winter nights) There is  an apt possibility in Chelsea but it seems off. Actually it was the chick that seemed off. I can’t quite pinpoint why but if someone told me she was bipolar and slept with her best friend’s boyfriend or something I wouldn’t be surprised. The room was huge as well as the closet for NY standards and was in such a great area but it was also a bit pricey  for a walk up with no amenities so I may let that one go. Se la vie.

The job interview surprisingly got me juiced and ready to start pumping out productivity. It’s a recruiting agency gig. I was never open to them before but I think I am now. What’s wrong with working hard and getting paid more? This city is already doing great things for me in pushing me in ways I never thought I needed to be pushed. Why not go all in with the same mentality with the job. Earn that shit the harder way and get a bigger paycheck in commissions. Need to stack up them ends. I have always been an all or nothing kind of girl. I guess it makes sense I would think like that. Esp since I really disliked my last job. I gave it nothing. I’m ready to work hard. We’ll see what happens with the job situation but as of now I keep reminding myself to soak it all in. All the varying nuances as well as all the minor/major feats all while continuing to marvel at New York City’s beauty. This is the exciting part right?  I’m usually one to be more on the self deprecating side but fuck it I’m proud of myself.

To satiate your aesthetics here are some photos that I’ve taken since I’ve been here.  In no real order:

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
































* I’m well aware I take a lot of photos of my pup. Durr. lilpupbigcity.

** I’m also well aware I take a lot of food pics. I don’t want you to forget I love food and eat crap and am unapologetic about it.

*** The Washington Square photo of the arch has the Freedom tower in the bottom right corner. I still need to go see it in person. Almost 13 years later. Crazy.


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