The people along the way

Change is hard for most people. I actually do really well with change. For a long time I wasn’t happy so change meant hope. From that I learned to embrace it. Now change to me no longer means hope but growth. Because I enjoy change it’s not hard for me to adapt to new scenarios quickly. I think that having that skill has also helped me when I travel. I also do not stress or have as much anxiety as I used to. I realized that I, alone, am in control of my own reactions, therefore, in control of my happiness in that moment. I still struggle on occasion and have to remind myself to be cognizant in practicing my reactions to situations. At times I lose my temper or cry in frustration because I’m not feeling heard. It’s tough shit.

I learned that most people aren’t reacting to you, in fact their feelings have shit to do with you. It has all to do with their own insecurities. All negativity stems from fear so their fear of whatever reason may come up and coincide with me and my changes and what I’m trying to accomplish. The past couple years I’ve realized that I can’t continue to put people’s happiness and feelings before my own. I’ve learned I need to set boundaries. I’ve learned having expectations lead to disappointment and that the only expectation that should be set is one of your own flexibility. Things rarely go according to your plan. Shit happens. Plans need to be adjusted. Being flexible allows you to shrug off the bullshit and keep a positive attitude. These realizations came up rather easy. It’s the putting what you know into practice that’s hard.

Everyone has opinions when it comes to your life. The only way you should be living it is by being your truest self. Sometimes people get hurt along the way of your path. It’s unfortunate, but friendships strain, relationships dissipate and people don’t always support your decisions. You have to be strong and not let the negativity seep into your soul. It’s toxic. The balance is to do things with compassion and honesty. I feel as long as you have the best intentions and people still don’t support you then there’s nothing that you can do. You wish them well and continue on your way. It’s freakin hard. You want people to like you. Not everyone will. You stay humble, you stay grateful, and you thank the people along the way for the purpose they have served in your life, even if you don’t know what that purpose is yet. It’s the only way to live.




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